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Dynamic Positioning Class II ROV Support DP2

Further details

Built 1972 Clellands

Rebuilt 1994, 2020

Dims; 76.6 x 12.65  x 5.74 m
draft 6.7 m
1451 gt,

504 nt

Fuel cap 283 ts / 87953.75 U.S. Gallons
FW cap 100 ts / 23118 Gallon (Us Dry) - gal (US)

Accommodation 42 persons

The vessel is with engineer onboard in warm layup the ship is in very good condition and ready to go after

renewal of certificates, crew, food and fuel.


M/V EP is a Dynamic Positioning Class II ROV Support DP2, AB+100 A1 (ice class)

Referenced: SWBEmpire Research 

Offfered @: 700,000 Euro

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