USD $ 31,900,000.00 Million after extension 

   Including dry dock and all new certs

   Vessel Type Well Stimulation Vessel

   Year Built 2009


311 ft. extended to 340ft to be completed February 2019 x 60 ft x 26 ft (92.58 m x 18.29 m x
7.92 m)
Draft (Lightship) 8 ft 6 in (2.59 m)
Draft (Loadline) 21.33 ft (6.5 m)
Cargo Deck Rating 1200 lb / sq ft (5.858 Mtn / sq m)
Freeboard (Loadline) 3.9 ft (1.19 m)
Freeboard (Lightship) 17 ft 6 in (5.33 m)
Displacement (Lightship) 4490.31 LT (4562.4 MT)
Cargo Deck Area 10,443 sq ft (970.2 cu m)
Deck Cargo Capacity 3100 Ltns @ 3 ft VCG (Approx)

Vessel will be ready for purchase currently in the yard getting center section plug to extend the length of the ship. Approx. finish date: Febuary 2019


Anchor handling Towing Vessel, including one ROV


Year:  2009

279 ft
65 ft.
26 ft.
(85.04m X 19.82m X 7.92m)
Design Draft:           22 ft 1in. (6.74M)
Clear Deck:            140 ft. 55 ft. (42.67m X 16.76m)
Cargo Deck Area:  7,700 sq. ft. (715.34 sq. m)

Main Engs.:           (4) EMD 16-710-G7B, 16,000 BHP

Lying:                    USA, Gulf

Reference: SWBUSA2009









Fast Supply


​​Year Built:                   2015

ShipYard:                     Breaux / USA Jones Act compliant


201ft. x 32 ft. x 14.6 ft. / 61.26m x 9.75m x 4.42m

Clear Deck:                   140 ft. x 26 ft 6in (42.67m x 8.08m)

Deck Length:                191 ft. x (58.22m)

Reference: SWBSupplyBreaux2015





















Vessel Type: Anchor Handling, Tug, Supply Vessel (AHTS)

Vessel Year Built: 2004

Built: Norway

LOA: 211ft / 64.35m

Beam: 49.2ft / 15m

Draft: 16.8ft. / 4.9m

Clear deck Area: 4,736.12 sq. ft. / 449m2

Deck Cargo Capacity: 570.84 LT. / 580 MT

Lying: USA / Gulf

Reference: HullNo.SWBbren..760tug

OSV Fast supply crew boat

Built 2006, ABS,

170’ x 30’ x 12.6’,
main engines (4) Cat 3512B HD,
(2) 200 hp Thrustmaster Tunnel bow thrusters,
26 knots speed,
(2) 80 kw generators,
clear deck 108’ x 26’, 2700 sq ft., 285 LT deck cargo capacity,
370 LT deadweight tonnage,
Fuel Oil 19,959 gals. (75.55 cu m)
Ballast 39,989 gals. (151.37 cu. m)
Potable Water 900 gals. (3.41 cu m)

accommodations for 10,
80 passengers,
fire fighting,
(4) 25-man life rafts, 3 ring buoys,
USCG/Solas, communication and navigation equipment,
located: Gulf of Mexico, US America   Price:  $4,000,000 


Reference: SWBDP-1SupplyPeter.



















Vessel type: Anchor Handling Towing Supply Vessel (AHTS) in process of conversion to DP-2 lying ship yard now for completion of conversion, but owner/yard needed to put men on other project if the buyer will deposit 7% non-refundable for completion taking about 4 months to complete.
Year Built: 1997

Builder: Halter Marine, USA225’ X 52’ X 22’             69 m X 16 m X 7 m

Draft (Lightship): 11’                                                        3 m

Draft (Loadline): 18.84’                                                   6 m

Clear Deck: 127’ x 41’                                                       39 m x 12 m

Clear Deck Area: 5,207 ft2                                             484 m2

Deck Cargo Capacity: 1,200 LT Deck                          1,222 MT

Strength: 0.51 LT/ft2                                                     5 MT/m2

Deadweight Tonnage: 2,180 LT                                  2,220 MT


Location: Gulf Coastal U.S.A

Reference: SWBAHTS2tug


    Year 2005


    Year 2006


     5,150 BHP Anchor Handling/Supply Vessel                                     


     LOI:                                59.25m                                                                                       

     LOW:                             56.0m                                                                                        

     Breadth Moulded:       14.95m                                                                                                           

     Depth Moulded:          6.10m                                                                                                                                                 

     Draft:                             04.95                                                                                                                                                     

     Built:                              2005,/2006 China                                                                                                                                       

     GRT / NRT:                  1500/TBA                                                                                                       

     Class:                             ABS                                                                                                                 

     Notation:                       ABS + A 1 E Offshore Support Vsl                                                                                                   

                                             & Fire fighting Vsl Class 1 + AMS                                                            

     Flag:                               Singapore

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