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   USD $ 31,900,000.00 Million after extension 

   Including dry dock and all new certs

   Vessel Type Well Stimulation Vessel

   Year Built 2009


311 ft. extended to 340ft to be completed February 2019 x 60 ft x 26 ft (92.58 m x 18.29 m x
7.92 m)
Draft (Lightship) 8 ft 6 in (2.59 m)
Draft (Loadline) 21.33 ft (6.5 m)
Cargo Deck Rating 1200 lb / sq ft (5.858 Mtn / sq m)
Freeboard (Loadline) 3.9 ft (1.19 m)
Freeboard (Lightship) 17 ft 6 in (5.33 m)
Displacement (Lightship) 4490.31 LT (4562.4 MT)
Cargo Deck Area 10,443 sq ft (970.2 cu m)
Deck Cargo Capacity 3100 Ltns @ 3 ft VCG (Approx)

Vessel will be ready for purchase currently in the yard getting center section plug to extend the length of the ship. Approx. finish date: Febuary 2019









Fast Supply


​​Year Built:                   2015

ShipYard:                     Breaux / USA Jones Act compliant


201ft. x 32 ft. x 14.6 ft. / 61.26m x 9.75m x 4.42m

Clear Deck:                   140 ft. x 26 ft 6in (42.67m x 8.08m)

Deck Length:                191 ft. x (58.22m)

Reference: SWBSupplyBreaux2015

SWB 20150316_18PDJOfshore.jpeg
SWB 20150316_04PDJOfshore.jpeg





















Vessel Type: Anchor Handling, Tug, Supply Vessel (AHTS)

Vessel Year Built: 2004

Built: Norway

LOA: 211ft / 64.35m

Beam: 49.2ft / 15m

Draft: 16.8ft. / 4.9m

Clear deck Area: 4,736.12 sq. ft. / 449m2

Deck Cargo Capacity: 570.84 LT. / 580 MT

Lying: USA / Gulf

Reference: HullNo.SWBbren..760tug



















Vessel type: Anchor Handling Towing Supply Vessel (AHTS) in process of conversion to DP-2 lying ship yard now for completion of conversion, but owner/yard needed to put men on other project if the buyer will deposit 7% non-refundable for completion taking about 4 months to complete.
Year Built: 1997

Builder: Halter Marine, USA225’ X 52’ X 22’             69 m X 16 m X 7 m

Draft (Lightship): 11’                                                        3 m

Draft (Loadline): 18.84’                                                   6 m

Clear Deck: 127’ x 41’                                                       39 m x 12 m

Clear Deck Area: 5,207 ft2                                             484 m2

Deck Cargo Capacity: 1,200 LT Deck                          1,222 MT

Strength: 0.51 LT/ft2                                                     5 MT/m2

Deadweight Tonnage: 2,180 LT                                  2,220 MT


Location: Gulf Coastal U.S.A

Reference: SWBAHTS2tug




  Year 2005


    Year 2006


     5,150 BHP Anchor Handling/Supply Vessel                                     


     LOI:                                59.25m                                                                                       

     LOW:                             56.0m                                                                                        

     Breadth Moulded:       14.95m                                                                                                           

     Depth Moulded:          6.10m                                                                                                                                                 

     Draft:                             04.95                                                                                                                                                     

     Built:                              2005,/2006 China                                                                                                                                       

     GRT / NRT:                  1500/TBA                                                                                                       

     Class:                             ABS                                                                                                                 

     Notation:                       ABS + A 1 E Offshore Support Vsl                                                                                                   

                                             & Fire fighting Vsl Class 1 + AMS                                                            

     Flag:                               Singapore

HULL No.SWB853tug3 .jpg


Ship World Brokerage LLC is currently offering crew-boat or pax ferry designed SWATH vessel for sale or bare-boat charter. The vessel is being offered with seller financing or bare-boat chartering to qualified buyers. The vessels and their pricing are as follows:


  1. The 120’ SWATH Deacon priced at $2,450,000. / now offered at:            $ 1,500,000.00




Please advise if you would like to see other information on any of the vessels.


The seller financing that is being offered includes terms of a 10 year amortization with a balloon payment after four years and 5% interest. The amount of the down payment, if any, and possibly one year of interest only payments, will be based on the financial strength of the buyer. The terms of a bareboat charter are open, again based on the financial strength of the buyer.

New Offer pricing 10/04/2022 OBO

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