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Mathew J. Moen                         
Born and raised San Diego, California.
Vietnam Veteran / Yankee Station 2250 Class Destroyer USS Gurke DD 783
Please support our Troops and Veterans.         
U.S. Navy.

Mathew has been in the Yachting & Commercial Vessel community for the past 40 plus years. He Sailed from Dana Point, California to the Hawaiian Islands, this was a popular starting off point for a South Pacific crossing I was able to make this as I offered a course in celestial navigation, 2,476 nautical miles at a time when there was no GPS on the market. 

Mathew, has cruised to every major Western seaport in the USA from San Diego to Washington State, Eastern Caribbean Islands, San Blas, Aruba, Grand Cayman, Belize, and Cuba. I have cruised the US Golf Coast from Texas, Louisiana down to Florida’s East Coast.sailed the coast of Mexico from San Diego to Acapulco de Juarez and sailed again from San Diego along the coast of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, to Costa Rica down the Coastline to Panama and transited the Canal and proceeded to Florida’s west coast.


From Mathew’s seaman’s log:


I was in the United States Navy, I was in the Vietnam conflict Yankee Station Gulf of Tongan, at which time We, weathered 

4 Typhoons, so I have some heavy weather adventures. Along with several days at the sea in less then desirable sea conditions on Yachts. I have logged over 75,000 miles cruising plus over 300,000 miles at sea in United States Navy.


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