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Ship file photos:

The Ship air-draft 5.3m mast lowered                                                                                                            NOTE: maindeck floors lowered to receive Sub

                                                                                                       Sub is winched into deck 

                                                                                                       cabin area and floor raised.


General Description:

The motor catamaran was designed by Martin de Jager Yacht Design and built in Den Helder / The Netherlands in the year 2008.

 The Vessel, was specifically designed as a submarine carrier with moon pool between the hulls, mainly for lifting/deploying and transporting the manned research submersible  ( 1000 m depth, crew of 3 )

The vessel has been used as a bathymetric survey vessel and support vessel for manned submersible missions for the past 12 years, as well as a platform for the necessary maintenance work on the sub.

The Vessel, is equipped with underwater navigation and communication systems for the underwater vehicle, side-scan equipment with magnetometer and a winch with 2,200m of cable, a ELAC multi-beam sonar system for 3,000 m of depth for bathymetric surveys and a workshop with lathe, milling machine, welding equipment, stock of spare parts, etc.

Currently the owner is not selling the Sub, Vessel only for sale

LOA:                  16.90 m
LWL:                15.66 m
Beam:               07.50 m
Draft:               01.68 m
Year of build: 2008

Hull certificate: DNV/GL (German Lloyd)
Certification: CE

Category/Sea Area: oceanic – no limits
Location: Madeira Island/Portugal
Flag: Portugal

Reference: SWBSureyorExplore

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