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Ship file photos:

The Ship air-draft 5.3m mast lowered                                                                                                                     NOTE: maindeck floors lowered to receive Sub

                                                                                                                     Sub is winched into deck 

                                                                                                                       cabin area and floor raised.


General Description:

The motor catamaran was designed by Martin de Jager Yacht Design and built in Den Helder / The Netherlands in the year 2008.

 The Vessel, was specifically designed as a submarine carrier with moon pool between the hulls, mainly for lifting/deploying and transporting the manned research submersible  ( 1000 m depth, crew of 3 )

The vessel has been used as a bathymetric survey vessel and support vessel for manned submersible missions for the past 12 years, as well as a platform for the necessary maintenance work on the sub.

The Vessel, is equipped with underwater navigation and communication systems for the underwater vehicle, side-scan equipment with magnetometer and a winch with 2,200m of cable, a ELAC multi-beam sonar system for 3,000 m of depth for bathymetric surveys and a workshop with lathe, milling machine, welding equipment, stock of spare parts, etc.

Currently the owner is not selling the Sub, Vessel only for sale

LOA:                  16.90 m
LWL:                15.66 m
Beam:               07.50 m
Draft:               01.68 m
Year of build: 2008

Hull certificate: DNV/GL (German Lloyd)
Certification: CE

Category/Sea Area: oceanic – no limits
Location: Madeira Island/Portugal
Flag: Portugal

Reference: SWBSureyorExplore














Dynamic Positioning Class II ROV Support DP2
Further details
Built 1972 Clellands
Rebuilt 1994, 2020

Dims; 76.6 x 12.65 x 5.74 m draft 6.7 m 1451 gt,
504 nt
Fuel cap 283 ts / 87953.75 U.S. Gallons FW cap 100 ts / 23118 Gallon (Us Dry) - gal (US)
Accommodation 42 persons

Vessel is a Dynamic Positioning Class II ROV Support DP2, AB+100 A1 (ice class)

The ship is fully equipped to maintain and support extended deep-sea voyages. Handling equipment is installed for the operation of ROVs, deep and shallow water Search System, and the deployment of subsea packages. On the ship in 2021, there were overhaul of all engines and generators (9 in total), replacement of metal on the deck and other repairs. The ship is in perfect condition and ready to go straight away. At the moment, all certificates have expired and the vessel is laid up with a team of mechanics and is maintained in good condition. Optionally, it is possible to leave one or two ROVs on the ship.


Reference: SWBResearchEmpire

Offered: Euro dollars; 550,000.00

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