Ice class Academy training or Government operations

















Year: 1980

Original Operational hours since New: Approx. 9,000 total hours
Built and completed by:
LOA: 67.55m
Breadth Max. 15.30m
Draft: 04.70m
Displacement: 2,482t
Disp. Light LDT: 1,687t
Gross Tonnage (ITC69): 2,164
Net Tonnage (ITC69) 0,649
Fuel Oil Cap.: 750m3
Water: 107m3
Ballast Water: 815m3
Main Engine: 2ea. B&W Alpha type 12 U 28 LU


Speed: economy 12 knots/max 16 knots
Vessel is also prepared for helipad
9/14/2018 can confirm the ’vessel’ is still for sale, and for a school learning platform she would be perfect. 
Having a very large wheel house to accommodate more than 50 people at the time.
With only abt. 900 hours running on everything the ship has been well cared for, she is looking brand new.


Reference: Academy ICE

Brokerage Fees: To the account of the buyer 5%


Reference: SWBICE-1A 

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