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Ship World Brokerage (SWB)

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3 Ice Class 1A1 Ice for sale OR Below see conversion idea.

Please review vessel from file links below
Two remain UN-sold
                                                                              #1 Icebreaker 1965                                      #2 Icebreaker 1966                                              #3 Icebreaker 1980
                                                                       Reference: SWB1965Ice                        Reference: SWB1966Ice                                           Reference:SWB1980Ice
Reference is in accordance to listing above according to ship year date.
All 3 ships are classed DNV (Laid up Status)

CONVERSION IDEA:                                                            These vessels were Ice Breaker Conversions.

For your interests only. We offer you a file of the vessel conversion: The x GIANT now named Legend. Reference: SWBGiantEx.SY




Let us know if you have any vessels, barges, dredges or related equipment for sale.

Keep us in your files for any equipment that may become available in the future.